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Occupational fraud management solutions

Loss of revenue to fraud can happen in any business environment. Employees, suppliers or customers; wherever there is the potential for personal gain there is a real business risk that needs to be monitored and managed. Media reports typically focus on one-off losses at large corporates, but every business is vulnerable. In many cases constant low-level leakage is steadily eating into profitability completely un-noticed.

FML provides expertise in helping organisations to understand their exposure to occupational fraud, and to implement technical solutions to help detect and manage the problem.

FML's Anomaly Detection System (ADS) is a powerful generic fraud detection fraud detection system specifically designed to monitor internal fraud risks based on existing business data. ADS can be implemented at low cost in very short timescales, whilst still delivering powerful, flexible detection capability. ADS is highly effective and able to deliver rapid return on investment for organisations both large and small.

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