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Specialist tools

Through our consultancy work we have developed a number of specialist tools and bespoke solutions. Built around industry-standard platforms we can rapidly deploy these tools to help customers large and small understand and assess their problems, helping to support individual projects, or build the business case for long-term solutions.

Our specialist tools include:

 Chargeable event reconciliation

  Reconciling events at different points in a processing stream

 Platform reconciliation

  Reconciling configuration across a number of different platforms

 Activity analysis

  Identifying unusual or anomalous behaviour.

Our tools aren't intended to compete head-on with existing players in the market; we have taken a subtly different approach. For some operators a big-ticket system will still be the best solution; and we're happy to recommend such an approach where it's right. But for many operators, particularly those dealing with lower volumes, or with tight budget constraints, we believe that our solutions offer a unique opportunity to deliver rapid return on investment.

For more information about any of our tools or solutions: