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FML - Specialist revenue assurance, fraud and security management solutions

It’s an unfortunate fact that fraud, loss and leakage can eat away at the profits of any business.

At FML we’ve been helping our customers to manage their revenue leakage risks for over 15 years; working with more than 250 of the world’s most technically advanced organisations, specialising in high transaction volumes and high value services – such as telecommunications, consumer credit and finance.

We offer a range of solutions - from consulting and training to specialist tools and audit services – helping to assess risk, protect revenues and reduce loss and leakage.

Our website provides an overview of how we can help, but our client base and skillset are diverse. If you have a specific requirement please contact us to discuss things further.

If you’re looking for specific help in the following areas then click for our links and case studies: We also offer a range of specialist development and integration services for ACL Audit Analytics software. Please contact us for more information.